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Rock, meet hard place
Rock, meet hard place

Rock, meet hard place

You know, I really don’t care if rock meet hard place, I’m just tired of being caught between the two. I think I’d rather get caught between a mama bear and her cubs some days. In the last week, rock and hard place have squeezed me in A’s education, my career, and today health insurance. Feeling a bit beat up.

So I have little to nothing amusing or witty or fun today. Instead, I get to review our medical expenses for the last year, search for a job, and seek help for my son.

Remember what happens when a rock hits a hard place repeatedly? I’m sure you covered this in scouts as a kid. Sparks. Smoke. Fire. Here’s hoping I don’t spontaneously combust this weekend.


  1. ella

    Been there. Fun isn’t it? My health insurance just went up almost $300. ACK! Sigh. It’ll be okay. It really will be! Who knows, maybe next week’s school visit will be the first break in the stalemate. FIngers crossed!

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