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Still more bizarro stuff I found in the Sunday coupons
Still more bizarro stuff I found in the Sunday coupons

Still more bizarro stuff I found in the Sunday coupons

This topic could go on forever. There is no dearth of crap out there to snicker at, and somehow much of it ends up in the Sunday coupon circulars. Let’s see what I have here, collected over the last few weeks.

Let’s start out this Sunday with a little sacred gem. elegant

Who doesn’t need an eight-inch tall Nativity Scene, painted with more Nativity Scene? Double your Nativity, in resin! Can’t go wrong!

Do these look comfortable to you?

cozy toesI think I might maybe wear these if I was giving myself a pedicure in January on top of Long’s Peak. And probably not then, either.

This one, not as bizarre as others…

fire hose nozzleI’m sure it works wonders, and would come in handy to eliminate the frakking bird nest in my satellite dish, but I just can’t help but laugh when I think about the boys stealing that from the garden supplies to play in the hose(yes, we really do have to hide the hose nozzle so they don’t play in it 24/7). One boy would turn it on the other, and next thing we’d know, we’d be on a search and rescue mission in Kansas to recover the child. Giggle…I’m evil…

But, truly, my favorite from the pile I’ve saved is this one.resurrection plantThe house plant that never dies…would not have a chance in this house. I kill house plants. My garden? The one that we have set up so it’s worry-free? I am apparently killing it this year. Yes, due to our leaving the sprinkler system on while we were on vacation and extreme amounts of rain during that time, the garden is drowning. The only plant I am apparently unable to kill, and God knows I have tried, is this one:

DSC04790I got this plant as a birthday gift in 1996. It.Will.Not.Die. I took this picture shortly before I cannabalized it repotted it into two new pots. Doesn’t matter what I do, the plant survives and grows and grows and grows. The aforementioned resurrection plant would die in my house, and this one would eat it for fun.

That’s it for this week, kids! Keep watching those circulars!


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