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TODAY (just when I thought I had nuttin’)
TODAY (just when I thought I had nuttin’)

TODAY (just when I thought I had nuttin’)

Summer is delicious and sometimes I just don’t want to slap my wrists down on a hot laptop when it’s hot out. I’d rather enjoy a cold beverage on the patio with a book. Yes, a book. I seem to recall I have a few waiting to be read (plus two new ones I got at the library yesterday…and a new magazine. It never ends). And then, fate intervenes and I have a new meme (many thanks to Cathy Zielske for posting this today and thus getting me out of thinking) that will fill this blank page in mere minutes, allowing me the time to actually get to Target before I have to do the day camp return trip. Thank GOD for podcasts or that drive would be sending me further into the mental abyss that is summer vacation parenting.

Outside my window… construction workers tarring the roofs of the new classrooms. And a thunderstorm a’brewin’.

I am thinking... of what I want to do when I (ahem) grow up. I’m getting closer to my answer and it’s feeling pretty good. Still toying with it, taking it out for a spin, kicking the tires. Gotta still see if it’s worth the “price.”

I am thankful forthe trip Tom and I get to take next month. Sometimes his job bites (long hours, the challenge of dealing with the unrelenting stress, 6 months of busy season), and other times it rocks the house and we get to go to Hawaii. Thirteenth anniversary is tropical, right?

From the kitchen… Hm…there’s a whole chicken thawing on the counter (hush, I don’t thaw meats in the fridge. Never have, never will. Have never gotten food poisoning from it, so ain’t changing), the dishwasher is gurgling, and I’m thinking of moving what serves as my office from the corner of the kitchen into the craft room I rarely enter in the basement. Might be good for all aspects of my life.

I am wearing… a bright purple shirt (it might actually be in the magenta family), sand shorts, and a smile.

I am creating… a plan for the future. What is it? Beats the hell outta me, I’m still creating.

I am going… back out to get the boys from summer camp. And tomorrow I get the unparalleled joy of volunteering at the Cub Scout camp. Please have stiff drinks ready for me.

I am reading…Enlightenment for Idiots by Anne Cushman and I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was by Barbara Sher.

I am hoping… that A’s recent improvement regarding all things digestive continue to get better.

I am hearing… a snoring dog. She’s loud. Wish I could take a nap. She has it so good.

Around the house… there is crap everywhere. Better than yesterday, but still crap on essentially every horizontal surface. Mama no like. Mama like clean, simple things like a clear countertop with a single bowl of fruit on it. Very Zen. Not so Zen today.

One of my favorite things… The Get It Done Guy podcast. I recently discovered it and love it so much I’m listening to every single one. Makes driving to and from day camps pleasant and frankly, awesome. I learn new things, am double-tasking, and could honestly not care if I’m spending half the day in the car. Again.

A few plans for the rest of the week… camp again tomorrow, yoga with the boys on Thursday, scrapbooking all day Saturday, and cleaning like a crazy woman for the next ten days because my in-laws are coming out on the 2nd. Hopefully I’ll suddenly discover a way to eliminate dog hair from all surfaces visible and invisible. If not, well…that’s why there’s wine.

Okee dokee! On the road again…

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