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Summer by the numbers
Summer by the numbers

Summer by the numbers

Rooms painted: 4
Rooms yet to paint: 5, not including the “hope to get done as well” laundry room and sunroom
Date we planned to be finished: 7/8
Probability of that actually happening: 50/50
Percentage of the house currently torn to hell due to the painting: 45%
Percentage of the house that will be torn to hell once we hit the big push planned for next weekend, when we’re going to swap the functions and furniture of the living room with the lower level, as we paint and dance around the carpet cleaner (pray for the poor man): 99%
Number of trips to a Lake Michigan beach: 0
Number of trips to any of the local Forest Preserves: 1 (it was a Boy Scout ceremony)
Number of bike rides: 0
Gallons of iced tea consumed by Jen alone: >1/day
Number of margaritas consumed: (is there a number for not nearly enough?)
Number of evenings sitting on the front porch doing absofreakinlutely nothing: 0
Number of summer movies seen: 0
Number of flute students currently in the studio: 1.5
Number of flute students I want in the studio: 10-12
Trips to the local ice cream walk-up: 1
Number of weeds in the Garden of Chaos: 1,000,000 (the ONLY reason I’m glad we haven’t had any rain)
Visits to local Farmer’s Markets: 2
Pins completed from my Summer board: 0
Tears shed over the fires in Colorado:  ∞
Sunburns: 0 (YAY!)
Books read: 5
Books in my library pile that must be read immediately because they are Hot Picks and can’t be renewed: 7
Number of emails that have stacked up, all requiring an answer: >50
Number of writing assignments/deadlines looming: 4
Panic attacks over not getting things done in a timely manner: >1/day

I suspect I’m not doing summer right. Hm. Must work on that.


  1. I hear ya! We’ve found time to do a few quick fun things, but we’re in the midst of a move and it’s been chaotic. Just do what you must and remember, there’s always tomorrow for the rest. Enjoy your summer.
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  2. Aw, pumpkin, I seriously wish I lived closer, cuz I’d come over and help. Well, and by help I mean, keep you entertained so you don’t notice how long it’s taking to freakin’ paint!! I’d also make you dinner every night, which might ease the pain of nonstop painting. Maybe? Oo, and I’d bring the margarita machine, which would DEFINITELY help!!

  3. I don’t think this helps too much, but I will say that homeschooling does take some of the stress off summer. You can take a day now and then and have fun or kick back when homeschooling and still give your child an amazing education. So, don’t feel like life is passing you by. You are just delaying the gratification a bit. 🙂

    1. Jen

      We haven’t done a lick of school since 4 June, when J got out of public school. I plan to return to homeschooling BOTH boys once this painting nightmare is over; then at least one kid will be ready for September and the other can remember that school and home are one and the same. 😉

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