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Summertime, and the livin’ AIN’T easy
Summertime, and the livin’ AIN’T easy

Summertime, and the livin’ AIN’T easy

You know how you can tell it’s summer? You blink and foomp! and it’s been a week since your last post. It’s not like I’m on vacation, or going on incredible adventures, or needlepointing a beach towel with the armpit hair of fairies…it’s just summer. My time is mainly spent in juggling what I need to do (pick one) with what I want to do (again, pick one) with the boys not currently in camp (tactical error on my part) with the fires that pop up every day and demand instant attention.

Like the fact that MacDreamy has another appointment with the Genius Bar this morning because the bastard had the same monitor issue crop up yesterday afternoon. I’m too tired to be kidding; I was up insanely late last night reading (only time I’m left alone long enough to be sucked into a good book) and I’ve been forcing myself to get up at 6:30 lately so I have that extra bit of quiet time before the boys thump their way into the day. I’m tired is what I’m saying. On the bright side, I may or may not get to indulge my fantasy of being a cranky, profane bitch in public as I demand the problem be fixed. Now. With no cost to me. And bring me a latte, peon! A skinny one! I keep seeing pictures of my 40 pound overweight self and think they should be hung in a garden to scare off animals! Or in a Baskin Robbins store to scare off dieters!

But summer allows me to indulge my Little House in the Subdivision life. Apparently those books have had way too much influence on me. Let’s recap. Yesterday I:

  • planted beans in the garden box that recently held 73!!!! heads of garlic. I am now doing crop rotation in my backyard.
  • trained the four grape vines to grow along the fence properly. We have grapes. LOTS of grapes. It’s the Laughing at Chaos Vineyard, and the 2010 vintage will be jelly.
  • sweet-talked the tomato plants, because those poor suckers just look unhappy.
  • weeded. I like weeding; it’s like popping a zit in the garden. Very satisfying.
  • fertilized everything in the hopes that the combination of this week’s high temperatures plus water plus ground feeding will make things happy.
  • staked up the tomatillo plant that, if a windstorm doesn’t blow off all the flowers like the last time I grew tomatillos, will keep the entire neighborhood in salsa for a year.
  • popped the flowers off the basil plants and rejoiced in the fact that they may all survive. All six of them. Do you have any idea how much basil six plants produces? I may have overdone it there.

This weekend I also dried kale and stashed it in the freezer, so we can have sausage kale soup this winter, as there is no way in hell I’m making soup in a week when it’s going to in the mid-90s. Yogurt yogurted last night, and today I start on a batch of beef jerky.

Wait! What was that? <listening>

Ahh…the dulcet sounds of silence. Getting up at the crack of crazy really is a good idea! Perhaps I could work on any of the dozen post ideas I have on a sticky note here. Or read a book. Or any number of other things that don’t get done because it’s summer.

Or maybe, just maybe, I’ll sit here with a cup of coffee, the silence, and the beautiful mountain view and give thanks that I have such problems.

Yeah. That sounds about right.

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