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Summery Summary
Summery Summary

Summery Summary

And like that (dramatic finger snap), summer is over. Yeah, the temperatures might still be deliciously warm and the sun still high in the sky, but school is back in session and the Labor Day sales are winding down, so we might as well face it. Summer has left us for another hemisphere. Wanton hussy.

I had no intention of dropping off the face of the blog for nearly the entire season, it’s just that life, as it does, got life-y. Summer lurched from one thing to another, like the inexperienced drivers we have living under our roof. It sped like a freight train towards the SENG conference in mid-July as I juggled flute lessons and hauled teens hither and yon. Slight break in the action, then headlong into teaching band camp. Another brief respite before road-tripping to visit a friend. Then WHAM into back to school prep for three of the four of us.

The above paragraph doesn’t do justice to the changes and craziness and chaos over the last few months.

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  • Andy graduated homeschool high school and started a paid internship. Homeboy doesn’t drive. I do. Simple math right there, even I could do it.
  • Jack finished his first year of high school and started an unpaid internship that will turn into a paid job this fall (fingers crossed). He also started drivers ed the very second he was eligible. Homeboy doesn’t drive. I do. The equation is getting slightly more complex.
  • Tom started a new job. A good move, but come on. More chaos.
  • We adopted a cat. Sweet boy named Ricky. Dude is neurotic af because of course he is. I miss having a dog, but really love walking barefoot in the grass without watching for land mines.
  • Andy took 1st place in state Skills USA for the second year in a row (that was back in April) and got to go to Nationals. Placed second in the nation. Long time readers understand and appreciate the magnitude of that accomplishment.
  • Long weekend in Iowa to visit extended family.
  • Eldercare. ‘Nuff said.
  • Did I mention I was a keynote speaker at SENG this summer? I was so happy at how it went. You can check out the video here; apologies in advance for the sound quality. It was recorded on my phone and Jack did the best he could cleaning up the echo.
  • Andy started college classes. How’s that going, you might ask? Pour the wine and stay tuned.
  • Jack started high school, with robotics team and esports team and a potential part time job all joining in the fun.
  • I accepted a job as a part time middle school assistant band director. It’s the position I filled 18 or so months ago, when my friend went on maternity leave. I didn’t expect to return to teaching, but I also didn’t expect the staffing Jenga game that reopened this gig. The part time part means I will (allegedly) have time for writing and presentations and advocacy, all the stuff that feeds my soul. The assistant part means I’m not in charge. I started last week and am thrilled to be back.

So yeah. Life-y. We tried to keep the summer chill but only reached the melted ice cream level of chill. I have higher hopes for the autumn but we’ll just have to see what life throws at us. The boys driving their own damned selves around would be a huge help.

I’m back, and life-y life be damned, there will be words again. I’ve missed writing.

Whaddya think?

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