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Trapped Under Something Heavy

Way back a billion years ago in Internet Time, in the heyday of bloggers and blogging community, a crafting blogger I followed wrote (explaining an extended absence) that she hadn’t entirely fallen off the face of the earth, but instead had been T.U.S.H.

Trapped Under Something Heavy.

In her case, I think it was deadlines or something. Not terribly exciting, but a valid reason when you’re a working mom.

I hate to admit that I’ve been crushed by the weight of daily life, plus C.W.D.L. isn’t nearly as amusing as T.U.S.H. Can I claim alien abduction? Little green humanoid creatures? Bopping around with their big pupil-less eyes, poking me with their long finger-like appendages to time how long my belly waves back at them, oohing and ahhing over the silver strands upon my noggin (which will be named after the students who continue to play A natural instead of A flat, I’M LOOKING AT YOU HERE FLUTES). The state of culture and politics these days I think I’d prefer alien abduction. In fact, I welcome our alien overlords. Please take me with you, I have a towel and am ready to go.

Alas, no alien abduction from the House of Chaos, just…Trapped Under Something Heavy. Not even anything interesting, like a rogue circus elephant or aircraft carrier or an overflowing lapful of sleeping cheetahs. No, something heavier.

My difficulty in getting my poop in a group and following through with things I legit want to do. Jen Louden had a blog post about this today; pretty sure she’s been rifling through my journal or something, as she pretty much described exactly the heaviness that has had me trapped for months. Many, many months. I’ve managed to cull the cloaks in my closet to a reasonable number; I’m down to my own issues now, and dealing with those is MUCH harder rehoming some no longer needed cloaks.

So, like anything in life, the only way out is through. I’ve signed up to do NaNoWriMo this year, and actually have a foundation set in place so I have a fighting chance to win it; if nothing else I will reestablish a strong writing habit (if you’re playing along, I’m JenLaughs and could use some buddies there). I miss the days of NaBloPoMo, when you’d write a blog post every day in November, but that’s long gone, along with the heyday of blogging and blogging community. So I will be trying my hand at fiction, playing with some short story ideas that have been tickling my fancy. For the record, my fancy has a charming giggle when tickled.

I’ve been Trapped Under Something Heavy and am going to get out from under it. <cracks knuckles, neck, collarbone, knees weren’t intentional owie, I’ll get the ice and ibuprofen, aging ain’t for the weak>

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