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This is a test of the Mercury Retrograde system. This is only a test.
This is a test of the Mercury Retrograde system. This is only a test.

This is a test of the Mercury Retrograde system. This is only a test.

This is a test of the Mercury Retrograde System. This is only a test.There was a time, not that long ago, when I’d have to keep on eye on the phases of the moon. Life here in the House of Chaos would go off the rails during a full moon, and I liked to stay on top of things. Of course, it wouldn’t be every full moon, because that would be too straightforward and easy. No, it was something like every third moon. We may not have gotten hit every 28 days, but damn when it hit the lunar craziness was considerably more concentrated and intense.

We haven’t been hit with lunar batshit craziness in awhile…or we have but it’s just been absorbed into the daily crazy and I haven’t noticed…but sweetbabyjesusonapony the Mercury Retrograde. I know a lot of people don’t believe in astrology and consider MR to be non-scientific BS. I may have been in that camp at one time, but now? After this current retrograde I’m going to burn sage and talk to spirits and wrap my house in bubble wrap to prevent it ever hitting like this again.

Let’s review.

The MR is a week old and in that time:

•MacDreamy2 is having little mini strokes. Things like the RAM inexplicably just running low, or the screen doing weird flickery noise things, or taking a full five minutes to open an app.
•My iPhone is crashing on a regular basis now. Several times, every day.
•On Friday the van refused to start. I got a jump and got us to co-op, where it needed another jump to get me home. Nearly $600 later it’s at least functional enough to sit in the driveway and not be driven unless absolutely necessary while we either figure out which child we’re going to sell to repair the rest of the list/buy a replacement vehicle or rearrange lives so we can live with one auto.
•The dog ran off Friday afternoon and was finally found some time later on a busy street, eating god knows what between two houses. She’s not dead yet, so thankfully it does not appear to be rat poison.
•There is a…wait, can’t blog that. But it sucked and may continue to suck and really praying it ceases sucking shortly.
•Sunday night the lamppost across the street just randomly and without warning fell over.
•Waiting quite impatiently for…damn, can’t blog that either. But resolution would be nice.
•I own a banjo. It is a very out of tune banjo. The boys have found it and are taking great joy in plucking the out of tune strings, usually when I’m under caffeinated or desperately trying to avoid being run over by whatever whacked out chaos MR has thrown my way. Ohmahgawd now he’s experimenting with the tuning pegs. And pretending he’s in Mumford and Sons. Not enough coffee…
•There are at least two other craptastic items that I know I’m forgetting because Mercury Retrograde (which is replacing because reasons as my go-to for the time being).

This is all on top of Things That Cannot Be Blogged but are taking a physical toll on the adults in this house.

And there are still two weeks left in this MR.

I’ve read that to get through a MR in one sane piece to focus on the reReflect, reorganize, rearrange, review. That sort of thing. That sort of thing has been missing in my life for awhile, as I’m dead set on improving the future, not looking back and seeing where I screwed up; god knows I’ve done enough of that to no good result. I did manage a re yesterday, though. I scrubbed out the refrigerator. Can that count? I don’t want to review right now, I want shit to improve and resolve so we can move forward.

If this is a test, just get me through it. Life is pass/fail, just get me through this.

Two more weeks. I’d wrap the house in bubble wrap, but I need that roll for something else.

Upate: Yup, knew I’d forget something:

•On Friday Facebook randomly blocked me from posting to any of my groups, then just as quickly unblocked me.
•Amazon is having some sort of seizure and won’t accept any of my credit or debit cards for the Subscribe and Save auto-ship of dog food.
•Apparently contractors don’t want work, because I can’t get any of them to return my calls or emails.


  1. Terri Tyson

    We met at the seminar you gave in April. I am the one who was moving from Ohio.

    I might join you in burning incense. My son is currently in a behavioral health facility after going bonkers at school. Damn those lunch lines

      1. Terri Tyson

        Ended up a blessing. Found an amazing psychiatrist and his Meds are regulated the best it has ever been.

        We should get our boys together. Call me sometime and we can arrange it. Cell is 312-363-7371

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