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The Big Day
The Big Day

The Big Day

Holy c-RAP! What a long day. And the court date was the shortest part of it!

Wow. Just…wow. The stunners just don’t stop. After the shock yesterday of the guy blowing a .291, today found out the rest of the details from the police report. Like:

When the police got to the guy’s house, they found out from his fiance that he filled a garbage can full of beer cans from his car, some still with beer in them and some still cold.

He went and hid in the crawl space beneath his house when the police got there. The guy’s own kids told the police where he was hiding and it took the cops 10 minutes to coax him out.

He has six kids: 2 of his own (I guess his wife died a few years ago), 3 of his fiance’s, and one of theirs. He kept pointing out that he’s responsible for those kids. Uh, if you’re so responsible for them, why the hell were you out drinking that much instead of being at home? What kind of image are you giving here?

He tried to plead that he thought someone slipped him something, but the judge didn’t buy it.

He said, and this is in the court record, that he had a couple of drinks before he left work, and didn’t remember going to the bar next door after that. Uh, he’s a car salesman. Should a car salesman be drinking before leaving work?

He said he didn’t remember anything after leaving work…not the bar, not driving home, not bumping the van. Uh, bumping??? Yeah, that bump smacked hell out of my back bumper and it had to be replaced. Not the bumper cover, but the actual metal bumper. His little Jeep had significant front-end damage. Yeah, bump.

Oy. He got 1 year probation, 75 days to serve (15 days work-release, 60 days home monitoring), must complete 100 hours community service in the next 120 days, a $100 fine, pay restitution and court fees, complete another alcohol education course (already did one), and I think there may have been something in there about him having to submit to random checks. Oh, and no license for a year.

Irony? His aunt is active in MADD…his uncle was killed by a drunk driver.

So where do I go from here? I just want my expenses covered so I can close the door on this. If my boys had been in the car, mama bear would make an appearance and I’d go for blood. But it’s not worth it. So we’ll see what happens in the covering expenses arena.

So I don’t think he got a big honkin’ book thrown at him, but a medium sized one with sharp corners. I feel sorry for him. He had no priors, other than several speeding tickets (and I can’t throw stones about this one, we all know I have an unfortunate lead foot). He had to learn a very painful lesson today.


  1. Jen

    I’m sure he’ll find a way. He managed to sell them without auto insurance. sigh… And I know where he works…for the biggest, most annoying commercials, idiotic car dealership in the area.

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