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The family that geeks together…
The family that geeks together…

The family that geeks together…

Anyone  else sit for over an hour this morning, watching live Nasa feed as the space shuttle landed? Anyone?? Bueller…Bueller???

See why we’re over the moon (heh) that we snagged shuttle launch tickets for our trip next month? 🙂


  1. My son is always fascinated with the shuttle….we have the luck and joy of living less than 15 minutes from Cape Canaveral so we get to sit in our back yard and watch it go up. It never ceases to awe us every time. We were SUPER excited to hear it landed out of state because now we have the thrill of watching it circle over the top of us on the back of a 747. A few months ago when it was piggy backed on the 747, My 6 year old and I found the perfect parking spot on the side of the Indian River and the plane/shuttle went right over the top of us at low altitude it was the coolest thing ever. So – you are not “geeking” alone 🙂

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