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The post that isn’t
The post that isn’t

The post that isn’t

This week I have written no fewer than seven posts in my head. Not a one made it past my brain to the fingers. It’s been that kind of week.

Yes, the boys are out of school, but that’s not entirely it.

Yes, I’ve had more to do lately, but that’s not entirely it either.

The biggest reason is that my laptop runs holy-hell-hot, neither the internal fan nor the specially-purchased laptop fan can keep up, it’s hot outside, and the LAST thing I want to do is put my wrists on a boiling hot piece of electronics in this heat and raise my temperature even higher. I am a gentle flower, don’tja know. So I’ve clicked through everything with the mouse and have tried to avoid actual typeage. Also my excuse why I haven’t commented much on any other blog and why I have 33 comments I need to reply to from this blog.

So instead of being tethered to the going-to-fry-an-egg laptop, I’ve been doing other ever so fun stuff around the house. Like going through the boys’ clothes yesterday while they were at a friend’s house. Yes, three hours of delicious silence, and I spent it digging through a year’s worth of outgrown clothes. Why? Because I’m having a yard sale this summer; I just don’t have enough torture right now.

So…nothing to see here. This is not a post. Perhaps tomorrow. This is simply a figment of your imagination, brought on by lack of sleep and those mushrooms you found on your hike yesterday. Don’t remember that? Yeah, side effects are a bitch. Me?


Smallest bottle of gin I could find at the liquor store. It is now tethered in a five-point harness inside the freezer, so there is not a repeat of Thursday’s horror. This sucker could knock a doggie out cold or break a foot, and wouldn’t that be a fun story to repeat at the ER?

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  1. Hula Doula

    LOL that is a HUGE bottle. That could be a doggie killer. What would be worse is if the bottle broke and he drank himself into a mess! That would be tragic. *giggle
    We are out of school too. Fellow Colorado..right? Is there suppose to be a day of celebration for this or a day of mourning because we will be going nuts keeping up with everyone? Just checkin’

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