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This that and the other thing
This that and the other thing

This that and the other thing

I have way too many little tidbits of posts flying around in ye olde noggin. Seriously, it’s like a butterfly migration up here, except not as pretty and a whole lot more annoying. Because the wee little tidbits bounce into each other and into my working memory and basically demand attention and they are way too meh to have their own post. So. Brain dump. You’re welcome.

Hey! A list! I love lists! I love lists with bullet points because then no one item is more important than another! Trophies for everyone!

  • Autumn leaves are like a supermodel: they’re beautiful to look at but a bitch to get in the sack.
  • I played Bunco for the first time on Friday night. I was warned by my friend (who I’ve known for over 30 years) that most of the women there had pretty strong personalities. And all I could think of were my kick-ass friends back in Colorado whose personalities could lift cars. Damn, I miss them.
  • My town here is just made for autumn. The trees are gorgeous, there is almost always the scent of wood smoke in the air (and it’s not a forest fire!), and the decorated houses look like they belong on the covers of magazines. Love it.
  • We spent a good part of this weekend raking and bagging leaves. Very few of them were from the three ginormous silver maples on our property. They’re going to all drop at once, probably with the first heavy snow. And then I will call them mulch.
  • The thing about having a non-anonymous blog is that I can’t write about work. I have no desire to be Dooced. I will say only that I like my job, am grateful for it, work with a great number of people who are considerably younger than myself, and am having a hard time getting accustomed to only having two days to spin the household’s plates for another week. Oh, and that using a PC is killing me.
  • Parent teacher conferences were on Thursday. And if my beloved, beleaguered Cubs had a .500 average, they’d be over the moon. Me, not so much.
  • There is not a single square foot in this house that does not demand attention or renovation. That is a whole other post. Or ten.
  • We didn’t get cable when we moved; 90% of the time it isn’t an issue. The rest of the time we’re pissed that what we want to watch isn’t streamed over the internet or picked up by the digital antenna.
  • Eight days til Halloween. A doesn’t want a costume, J doesn’t know what he wants to be. I’ll lay ten bucks on them freaking the freak out on Thursday night when they realize they don’t have costumes for class parties. And then my head will explode. I will go as Zombie Mummy.
  • The only thing I like about my commute is getting to listen to podcasts.
  • I am going to do NaBloPoMo again next month. I have no earthly idea how I’m going to post every day for a straight thirty, given that I can barely keep up now, but I gotta do it.
  • We had a Come To Jesus meeting with A yesterday about conferences. I think I may have hit on the main issue: he thinks he doesn’t need to do what all the other students are doing so he just zones out. We are now into Operation OH HELL TO THE NO around here and remedying that attitude.
  • The grocery store I shop at is new, is popular, and is always crowded as hell. So of course it’s a great idea for me to do the groceries run on a Sunday morning. During their Oktoberfest. When they have a polka band entertaining the shoppers. And chocolate tastings every 45 feet.
  • My brother likes to text me while feeding his son as he drives around running errands. He needs to quit showing off Siri or I may need to beat him.
  • I am so far past needing a vacation I’m now needing the vacation after that one.
Ahhh…my brain feels so much lighter. I can continue with my day now. Only 75,319,470 things to do before tomorrow.


  1. Anytime you want to come to Austin you can have a mini-vacay. Just not in the summer. Because I like you.

    And as for A, we went through that, too. Our mantra is now “you may be special, but you aren’t that special.” He’ll get it. I promise. 🙂

  2. I LIVE for LISTS!! What’s not to like about them? Everything is all spiffy tidy in a list! And bullet points ROCK! I must say, though, that my bullet points usually have bullet points. And brain dumps of all that stuff squirreling around up there is very therapeutic, I think!

  3. JenC

    Your old Colorado friends miss you too! And if it makes you feel any better, I went through the same “Why should I do this stupid school stuff when I already know it” phase that A’s in. Only I did it in high school, ditched an entire quarter, and screwed by GPA six ways to Sunday. At least A had the decency to do it while he’s still young enough to avoid too many repercussions (and young enough to fear the wrath of Mom)!

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