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Book review: Math Dictionary for Kids
Book review: Math Dictionary for Kids

Book review: Math Dictionary for Kids

I am not a fan of The Maths. In fact, when “math class is tough” Barbie hit the shelves in the early 90s, I was all Sing it, my platinum, top heavy friend! And then the uproar drowned me out and she went into hiding. I took enough math to fulfill requirements and then may or may not have set fire to the textbook. My dad is a statistician. File under Irony: Your Eldest Child Will Hate Writing.

So when I was offered the opportunity to review Theresa Fitzgerald’s eMath Dictionary for Kids I wasn’t sure if I should jump at the chance or run screaming into traffic. Playing in traffic can hurt, I’m not a fan of pain, so a review it is!

Sigh. I wish I’d had this book in elementary school. And embarrassingly enough, it saves my butt on a regular basis helping A with his 5th grade homework. Yes, I am indeed NOT smarter than a 5th grader.

Math Dictionary for Kids is exactly as the title describes. It is a dictionary of mathematical terms, tables, and formulas. It is, for math-challenged parents, a cheat sheet for the drained adult brain. It is, for students, a fantastic handbook for reviewing and studying math terms. While I tend to cut to the chase and hit the index, it is divided by the different areas of mathematics: Whole numbers and operations/Measurement/Algebraic Ideas/Geometry/Decimals, Fractions, Percents, and Ratios/Statistics and Probability/Problem Solving/Quick Reference Guides (quick and dirty tips and tricks)/Learning with Manipulatives/Formulas/Tables and Charts/Measurement Conversion Tables/Basic Math Tools and Equipment. I had to double check that last one; for me, math tools and equipment is a reliable calculator and Dr. Google.

The dictionary is geared towards kids in grades 4-9 (US), but honestly it’s a resource well beyond that. I could have used it through my lone college math class, but please remember I am not a fan of The Maths. I used it last night helping A with mean/median/mode because he asked me a question and I just had no idea. Yes, I’m fully aware that those are connected with probability and I’m the daughter of a biostatistician; the apple fell faaaar from that tree. I love how the book is very clear with definitions, has detailed examples, and is extremely easy to use.

Math Dictionary for Kids will stay within close reach for many, many years to come. I might even learn something from it. Math class isn’t that tough.


Many thanks to Prufrock Press for providing me with a copy of Math Dictionary for Kids. I received no compensation for this review.


  1. I have this and yes it has saved our asses many, many a time. Although it is nearing the end of it’s functional life in our house, I’m sure it will still be a handy reference. And I’m looking for something similar for HS level courses. (Hint hint to publishers who might be reading this comment)

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