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Thomas and Friends Train Recall
Thomas and Friends Train Recall

Thomas and Friends Train Recall

Dear toy manufacturers,

I have two young sons. They take all my energy, my memory, and my sanity. So when I purchase toys for them, I do so with love and with the hope and prayer that they are safe and worthwhile toys. You do not help me when you make childrens’ toys with lead in them. What the absolute HELL are you doing manufacturing childrens’ toys with lead paint? This is, according to my calendar, the year two thousand and seven and we have known, without a doubt, that lead is extremely dangerous for, oh, forever. This isn’t rocket science, toy people. This is lead paint. Lead paint is bad. Very bad. I’m sure you know this, but you seem to forget. I’m afraid I’m going to have to use very very small words, to help squeeze this thought around the dollar signs in your eyes and in your brain that have apparently taken over rational thought. Let’s review. Lead paint=bad. Lead paint in childrens’ toys=special place in hell for you. I have enough on my plate to worry about without your greed and neglect making my life more difficult. Know what’s in your product, ensure that it is safe. Get a clue, or I’ll get one for you and stick it up your nose.

One seriously pissed off Mama Bear

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