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And winner of the “Mommy of the Year” award goes to…
And winner of the “Mommy of the Year” award goes to…

And winner of the “Mommy of the Year” award goes to…

{drum roll, please}…..

JEN! Congratulations, Jen, you’re the winner of this prestigious award!


Oh, I’m so proud, so honored to have this honor bestowed upon me. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. So many, so very many times I came so close and didn’t reach it.

There was the time I was tickling A and he lunged forward out of my grasp and wonked his head on the edge of the coffee table. He still has the scar, we try to convince him chicks will dig it when he’s older.

Then there’s the time I grabbed for A at the library as he stumbled on the stairs and scratched his face. He had concerned strangers asking him for weeks if he was ok.

Oh, and let’s not forget the time I thought J had swallowed a dime. He was worth more than ten cents after that hospital bill.

But…oh, thank you so much for this honor…the events of the last 24 hours did it! Put me over the top for “Mommy of the Year!”

See, J loves the movie Peter Pan. Loves.It. It’s his favorite movie (thank God it’s not Jackass). Wants to watch it every minute of every waking hour of every blasted day. He’s a month short of his third birthday, so he wasn’t entirely clear on the “flying being make-believe” thing. He only wanted to join me in the basement and thought flying would be the fastest way there. He was right about it being fast! But little boys need pixie dust to fly, and we’re flat-out of pixie dust around here.

I figured he had just bumped his wrist; he came up for air crying his wrist hurt. But he stopped using it…stopped crying, too. Figured he was ok. But the kicker was when he started crying this morning that it hurt and didn’t use it at all, even to hold his lovie. And the results?

Small fracture! {And the crowd goes wild!} Way to go, Mommy of the Year! Wait nearly 24 hours before discovering your youngest son has a fractured wrist! You WIN!

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  1. Jen, first let me tell you, yours is the ONLY blog I’ve ever read in reverse. I usually go back to the very first, and read forward until I read them all. For some reason, I started yours with the most current, and have been working backwards. Anyway, this one made me laugh because my parents did the same thing to me, only I wasn’t 3 years old. I fell at the roller rink (the very first damn time they let me go with my friends!) and they thought I was fine because I could move it, etc. But, the next night, we ended up at the emergency room, and found out I chipped the entire tip of my wrist off. My mother could probably compare stories of guilt with you!

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