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Thursday Thankful
Thursday Thankful

Thursday Thankful

Sometimes you have a hard time believing you have much to be thankful for. And other times you run out of numbers to count your blessings. Many of my friends on Facebook are doing a daily giving thanks status this November; I’m not. I don’t know why, it just didn’t seem to speak to me at this time. But I’m far from unthankful, my word of the year is grateful for crying out loud. It is both a reminder and a command.

Today my appreciation is for all of you. My readers, both here and at An Intense Life. All of you who have bought and read (and reviewed…hint hint…) If This is a Gift, Can I Send It Back?   A writer can write without readers, but it’s immensely more fun when people read and comment on the words. Trust me.

I love to write, and like most things I love to do, it tends to get put on the back burner until all the other crap I need to do gets done. It’s a misguided (and unhealthy) philosophy of “work first, play never later,” and I’ve fallen victim to it in too many areas. And while I’ve started down that dead-end road with writing, I will not continue any further. Let other stuff wait for a change, there are words to be written.

So thank you, people who live in my computer. I appreciate your visit here, your comments, your book purchases (and reviews), your emails, and your support. You make this ride a ton more fun.

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