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What would I change?
What would I change?

What would I change?

I find it ironic that, just a few days after committing to looking forward instead of back, today’s NaBloPoMo prompt is If you could change one thing about your life right now, what would it be?

Well, I’d really like to change whatever the hell I did to my foot. I swear it’s gout, because that seems like the kind of ridiculous thing I would end up having. I had chronic calcium tendonitis in both feet when I was a freshman in college. Why? Marching band. See? Ridiculous. I suffered for my art. No art now, I’m just suffering.

What else would I like to change? I’ve been coughing for nearly two weeks. I’d kinda like that to take a hike. That would be one change I could really get behind…so I could kick it the hell outta my lungs. On the bright side, my voice has gotten low and sexy. Too bad explosive hacking interrupts the sultry timbre when I speak.

I’d also like to change the smell of my dog. Which then becomes the smell of my house. Which then drives me batshit crazy thinking we have a water/mold problem in the basement.

But if it was only one thing I could change?

I want a paying job. Ideally one with benefits, ’cause I’m sick of writing enormous checks for COBRA coverage…coverage that will run out next summer. Unfortunately, that kind of work does not really exist for a woman who needs to homeschool her über-complex child. So I’ve cobbled together bits and pieces of jobs, which is adequate but no, not really. This one change that I’d like to make has so many ramifications that it’s nothing more than a dream. A job where I could get out of the house, get paid, have benefits, and still be able to homeschool A. Nothing more than a dream.

But hey. It was just a question as a writing prompt.

Whaddya think?

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