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Thursday Thirteen: Things I swear to the heavens above I will do when the kids are back in school
Thursday Thirteen: Things I swear to the heavens above I will do when the kids are back in school

Thursday Thirteen: Things I swear to the heavens above I will do when the kids are back in school

Thursday 13… AKA the thirteen thoughts that are getting me through the next five weeks without going completely batsnot.

1. I will sit in complete silence and contemplate my navel. This may take weeks.

2. I will get caught up on my blog reading and commenting.

3. I will get caught up on my podcast listening. This will occur after #1 has already been achieved.

4. There are many things I want to do with this lil’ blog hobby. I will actually do them.

5. Books. I vaguely remember books. There will be much reading of books. Books that are actually being discussed in social circles today, as opposed to the social circles of several years ago. These books will be of the grownup variety, will not have pictures, and will have few, if any, fart jokes.

6. I will write more. I have found that I really enjoy it. I may or may not enter more blog-hosted writing contests. I entered one at PediaScribe (mine is “Jen at Never a Dull Moment” with “Dirty, dirty”…I’d post it here but I want you to mosey on over to Karen’s site) and was stunned to see I was one of the top 10 finalists. Please go read them all and vote. I’d love it if you vote for me, but I read some of the others and dang…there be some dirty (as in…um…hope you have a strong stomach) stories out there. I believe one of them had me in tears. Of laughter. We laugh because it is true.

7. That silver thing, the one in the black case. That silver thing and I had a long love affair. It was truly a love/hate relationship, but we…we had a special thing going. I poured my emotions into it, and it sang back to me the songs of the angels. I will pull my flute out and play again. Can’t let the degrees keep decomposing. Decomposing…bad music pun there, my apologies. Remember, I’m trying to keep from going completely batsnot, I’m allowed bad puns.

8. My house…my house. My house will be clean for longer than 10 minutes. I may even vacuum more than “right before company.”

9. I will scrapbook. Yes, I manage to squeak in a few minutes here and there now, but a lot of the time it’s cleaning up the space or moving stuff around. I will put into albums the 200+ pages I have sitting in my studio, not in albums. Yes, I have that many just sitting there. No one is looking at them, they’re just sitting there. Gathering dust. No, I am not happy about it.

10. I will build my business.

11. I think I’ll go back and repeat #1 sometime around mid-school year. Probably after the boys go back after winter break.

12. I’ll actually be prepared for the holidays this year. A Christmas letter may actually make it out the door on time. Cookies may actually be baked. Peace on Earth may actually be achieved.

13. I will plan for the next stage of my life: the one where the boys are in school every day and I start to get my groove back.

If you want to play, head on over to Thursday Thirteen!

Whaddya think?

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