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Thursday Thirteen: Things I’m going to do today
Thursday Thirteen: Things I’m going to do today

Thursday Thirteen: Things I’m going to do today

Yeah, sounds like a wicked good time, doesn’t it? My to-do list? But today…today is different. I’ve been looking forward to today for at least six months. Why? Both boys are at school and Tom is at an all-day meeting. I’m alone in my house today. I’m never alone in my house. Ever. I have honestly been looking forward to November 20th since about March, when I realized that, OMG, I’ll have the house to myself. Damn, I wish I could find Tom an inexpensive office outside the house. Would do wonders for my sanity…but I’m also thankful he works at home, for it gives me a little more leeway with leaving the house when A is coming home from school. Wish he had more out-of-the-house meetings, though.

So my things I plan to do today. Ahem….

  1. I’m going to catch up on my business paperwork.
  2. I’m going to play Scrabble on Facebook until I finally beat my friend. We have four games going and I swear she’s cheating. 😉 I just can’t win against her!
  3. I’m going to clean out and reorganize my scrapbook room so I can actually get in there and play.
  4. I’m going to catch up on all emails.
  5. I’m going to write some posts ahead for NaBloPoMo; the boys have the week off next week and I’ll have company, so my writing time will likely be reduced.
  6. I’m going to hit the treadmill. check!
  7. I’m going to apply the words from Uppercase Living that I’ve had sitting in my laundry room for at least a month.
  8. I’m going to work on our budget, so I can watch the economy tank and still take a breath.
  9. I’m going to go through the boys’ clothes, sort out what doesn’t fit and what’s out of season, and box them up.
  10. I’m going to work on my digital photos and get them uploaded to Shutterfly, so I can take advantage of all the specials they have going on right now.
  11. I’m going to finish the laundry, fold, and put away.
  12. I’m going to work on the unholy amount of paperwork involved in A’s appointment with the eosinophilic esophagitis clinic. Seriously, it’s unreal.
  13. I’m going to put my feet up and have a drink tonight after the boys are in bed, and celebrate a day well done.

How much of this will get accomplished? Really? Maybe half, but definitely #13. Better get moving.


  1. write posts ahead??? You can do that?? Sounds like cheating to me. I pull one of these things out of my…… ear. Yes, ear. that’s it. I pull one of these things out of me ear every day. I thought they had to be fresh or they didn’t count. Well phooey.

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