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update on the thirteen
update on the thirteen

update on the thirteen

Ok, it’s the end of the day. How did I do on my ridiculous list of 13? Let’s see…

Business paperwork: only got caught up on about half. Not great, but not bad.

Scrabble: didn’t happen. Princess the PMSing laptop keeps “not responding” when I ask her to do something, like delete an email or go to a website or, you know, work. Lazy bitch.

Scrapbook room: Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha….uh, no.

Emails: thanks to Princess, I don’t 100 hours to reply to emails.

Write posts ahead: Princess, I don’t like you much.

Treadmill: yup, and completely negated by the cookies I had at lunch. Baby steps.

Uppercase Living words: Yeah, right. Maybe tomorrow. And maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt.

Budget: I tried, and then I ran away screaming.

Boys’ clothes: they can wear shorts in 35 degree weather, right?

Digital photos: Princess is going to be dropped off the freaking roof.

Laundry: yay! done!

A’s EE paperwork: done! Just have to keep a food diary for 24 hours and will do that on Saturday.

Feet up and have a drink: mere minutes from now, that will be checked off.

Good God, what did I do today? Wait for Princess to function, run a few quick errands, putter around. I think there’s a time-suck portal directly beneath my house. Please alert NASA.

And Tootsie noted that I exhausted her with this list. This was only a small part of the list that faces me every single morning. I think her reaction is telling me that there is something seriously wrong with the way I’m doing things. Doesn’t everyone have an unending list like this?


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