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Time flies at a snail’s pace
Time flies at a snail’s pace

Time flies at a snail’s pace

Tonight J asked how long we’ve been living here in our new house. I actually had to stop and count on my fingers.

It’ll be four months tomorrow.

I have no idea how the hell that is possible. Four months? Really? Seems like we’ve been here four years. Then again, it’s been 2011 for a decade now, so my whole internal calendar is out of whack. This would also explain why I feel 80.

The House of Chaos is in a funky time warp. Back when the boys were newborns, the days were looooong and the weeks and months zipped by. Now it’s the complete opposite. The days whip by so fast my hair stands on end, but the weeks and months plod along like a pregnant hippo through taffy. Today is nearly gone and I still have a half dozen things I need to do. They will not get accomplished and I can only hope and pray that all the nice people who have left me comments in the last few weeks can wait one more day for me to reply. Because I will. Pinky promise. It may just take a day…or two…or five.

Four months, feels like four years, still have very few friends here. BUT! That’s a story for another day.

I’m freezing, my electric blankie is very sweetly calling my name, and I need to rest up for yet another neck-snapping rush of a day.


  1. GinevraCat

    2 years, very few friends in my ‘new’ city either. In our last city, I was gradually beginning to belong in a group of wonderful women after about 3 years. It takes time.

    Also, how I love the internet :). It is soooo my friend!

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