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I am the only female in this house with opposable thumbs. While this has been the case forever and a day, it really hit this evening at dinner. Big ole’ slab of ribs at the local smokehouse, slathered in sauce, gnawing like a cavewoman. At least I don’t have the long hair with which to drag me back to the cave. But as I came up for air and licked the sauce from my chin, I realized that my femininity is greatly diluted by the menfolk in the house. I have no problem with the ribs…mmmm, ribs….but there is a distinct lack of “hey, a woman lives here too!” around these parts.

Enter Pinterest. Been there? I’m not kidding when I call it visual.crack. It’s all pretty stuff, all the time, and you just can’t stop. One more pin. Just one. OMG. No. For real now. One.More.Pin.

And before you know it, you’ve lost half an hour. Think I’m kidding? Go join. (It may require an invitation but I requested one and got it within ten minutes)

I have found great recipes there. My Dream House board is getting out of control, but at least when we get to the point of showing this house who is boss we’ll have a good point of reference. The board full of prints and quotes is overflowing; I’ve saved several of the images to iPhoto and have made a screensaver from them.

After sucking ribs clean tonight I need a good Pinterest hit. Pretty things. Crafts I’ll never do. Outfits I’d love to wear but never will because manufacturers ignore anyone over 5’9″. Christmas decorating ideas I love but will never happen because of time/money/space. Visual.crack. to counteract the overabundance of all things male in this house.

My eyes will then be as fed as mah belleh.


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