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Times like these
Times like these

Times like these

Today is the last day of Princess the PMSing Laptop’s three year extended warranty. I know this only because the Geek Squad keeps sending me reminders. THE WARRANTY IS ABOUT TO EXPIRE! and RENEW NOW!  and YOUR COMPUTER WILL SELF-DESTRUCT 20 MINUTES AFTER MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! I’d actually believe that last one, given Princess’s track record. She seems to be doing ok right now (knockwoodmylipstoGod’searturnaroundthreetimesandspit), but my external hard drive is having trouble. It peed on the floor earlier, and now it’s curled up in the corner whimpering, with a hot and dry nose.

All of my music, THE ENTIRE iTunes library, is on the EHD. Needless to say, I’m a little concerned. I backup my computer through Carbonite, which has been wonderful and I know everything there is ok. However, Carbonite doesn’t yet have the capability to back up an EHD. So unless my PC Guru can breathe some life into the EHD, I’m going to own a newfangled doorstop that has hijacked 30GB of music.

Yes, 30GB. This is what happens when two musicians fall in love and combine CD libraries. Of classical music. God help us.

Just as long as the EHD doesn’t convince Princess to keel over too; I don’t know if I can return to the Apple Store so soon after drooling over the laptops there this weekend. I seriously embarrassed myself over the 1TB (that’s a terabyte, also known as an unholy crapton of memory), 27 inch desktop model with wireless keyboard and mouse. I had unclean thoughts about that machine…one piece, all monitor, so sleek, so modern, so sexy… Sorry, lost myself there.

Let’s just hope all is well in computer land, for I don’t want or need the hassle of computer transfer right now.


Know what this was? A random filler post for NaBloPoMo. Just one of those days when heavy thinking and/or writing isn’t in the cards. Just keepin’ it honest here…


  1. Did I mention that we got a 24″ iMac in September? GORGEOUS. I can’t even imagine a bigger monitor it’s so flipping huge at 24″– really great for movies though (streaming from Netflix! Yipee!) (Also you can use your iPhone to control the computer as a remote– Oh, the Mac tricks I can teach you if you ever come over to the bright side!)

    I was considering a TB as well, then my Dad (my computer guru) expounded on the danger of having all that information in one place. I opted for the 650GB instead (what a huge difference huh?!)

    Don’t forget you’ll have to get an external drive that can hold whatever you have on your computer drive for back-ups. I’d like to say in my almost 20 years of Mac ownership I’ve never needed it but alas. I have. Several times. Hardware will die regardless off the maker, but the Mac software rocks!

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