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What if…
What if…

What if…

Several years ago the mom of one of my flute students asked me to write something for a scrapbook she was putting together for her daughter’s 16th birthday. I can’t find that letter in my files for love or money, but I wrote on “What If…” Two of the most powerful words on the planet, if you think about them. “What If…” opens the door to dreaming, to any and all possibilities out there. Those two words moved my husband from a soul-sucking teaching career  to a career that he is so successful at that that he…well, I won’t go into details, but he had a really good day today and made a lot of teachers and students happy. Those two words moved us out here from Iowa to heaven on earth Colorado. Those two little innocent words made us parents, and those two little words are guiding me toward the next stage in my life.

I love those two little words. They open up doors and windows and let the breeze in. Anything is possible with “what if…” and how refreshing is that? What other words have that power? To let us dream without fear of failure?

What is your “what if…?” Just a daydream? A wish? Something you want but are afraid to verbalize? You’re safe with “what if…” because it doesn’t demand action, just…the breath of a wish.

“What if…” Such innocent and yet such powerful words.


Whaddya think?

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