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‘Tis nearly the season
‘Tis nearly the season

‘Tis nearly the season

With the falling of leaves and the turning back of time, you can’t avoid it. The holidays are coming and they’re coming quickly. And I don’t know about you, but ye olde economy has peed in my boots. They’re warm, but wet and drippy and kinda gross. Like this analogy. Moving on.

Without going into the gory details, we’ve taken a gut-churning financial hit over the last four years. Moving, while a good thing for us, only made things worse. Packing up everything you own and moving it 1000 miles ain’t cheap. Losing your shirt selling your house isn’t either. Who knew? So this holiday season is going to be less Typical American and little more Tiny Tim. At least, that’s the plan. God knows the boys don’t need more crap; after packing up a ginormous tote of miscellaneous electronic crap this afternoon, I’m all about the less is more right now.

Carmen, over at Mom to the Screaming Masses, posted a fantastic suggestion the other day. Want, Need, Wear, Read. Each kid gets one from each category. One thing they want, need, to wear, to read. Genius! Just don’t ask me where Santa fits in this equation, I don’t know yet. Yes, both boys still believe in the big man, and I have enough issues to deal with to try and change their minds. Not worth the tears, so they can believe til they’re in college for all I care. Let their wives deal with that one, I have my hands full with PUT THE DAMNED SEAT DOWN! NO, WAIT, PUT IT UP FIRST! THEN DOWN! I DON’T LIKE SITTING IN WARM PEE!

Ahem. I’m just full of the holiday spirit, aren’t I?

Want, need, wear, read. Now I just need to remember whose names I drew for extended family…dog walker…teachers…cookies for neighbors (this really is that kind of neighborhood)…bus driver (this really is that kind of neighborhood)…ay yi yi…


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  1. Julie in KC

    Hi there. Just saw your response on no SENG group. I looked on the site and did find some facilitators in South Barrington and Skokie. Not sure what burb you’re in, but maybe they can help. Their e-mail addresses are listed on this page:


    You may also want to try Northwestern Univ. I went there 🙂 and read before that the have a G&T program for kids. Don’t know anything about it, but someone there could be a resource? It’s so much work, isn’t it, just tracking down people to help when life has so many other things we have to do. Hang in there!

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