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Twenty-five hours a day
Twenty-five hours a day

Twenty-five hours a day

So what are you doing with your extra hour today? Unless, of course, you live in Arizona or Indiana or one of those other places that don’t believe in the whole daylight saving time thing. Are you reading? Playing? Lounging about and doing absolutely nothing at all?


Tom and I used our extra, Senate-given hour cleaning up the GI explosion our dog left us overnight. All exits, no waiting, everything out. On brown carpet. The house is 99% hard surface flooring, and she hits the brown carpet on the lower level. Thank you Murphy. Needless to say there is a carpet cleaning service in our future.

Also scheduled for today’s 25 Hours of Fun is building the first fire in our wood burning stove. Which is right next to the Dog Incident of this morning. So. Yeah. Gonna smell awesome here shortly. We’ll certainly know how well we cleaned up. I just want to get warm.

Are you spending any of your 25 hours on Pinterest? Visual.Crack. Just one more picture…ooh, what’s that!…just one more…OMG! I love that kitchen! Gotta save this picture for the Dream House file!…just one more… Lather, rinse, repeat.

How about reading? How long is your Goodreads list? I have 518 books on my To Be Read list. I can almost accept that. What’s harder to swallow is that I’ve only read 15 books towards my planned “37 books in 2011” goal. That’s just humiliating for a girl who used to rather read than anything. An extra hour today sadly won’t help that much. An extra hour every day wouldn’t do much.

In about three hours darkness will fall with a thud and my anxiety will jump in response. It will be interesting to see how I manage winter back here in the midwest, with weeks of rarely seeing the sun. I was just getting the hang of Colorado winters, so here’s hoping I can keep my wits about me for the next four months.

Ooh! They have the fire going! Let’s get warm! We got spoiled with a gas fireplace; flip a switch and voila! instant fire. I’m so tempted to retrofit this fireplace to gas. Less charm, more instant heat.

Twenty-five hours today. Three until darkness. Nineteen items on the Sunday Day of Rest to-do list (wrong, just wrong).

Go play with your extra hour.


  1. Erica

    Your GI issues with your dog reminded me of my girl (ridgeback) 10 years ago. She apparently had decided that, being an omnivor, the birdseed bag was fair game to be broken into. Unfortunately, it didn’t sit so well in her stomach. I remember waking to her cold nose in my face in the middle of the night, which I promptly shooed away. The next thing to hit me was the smell. We turned on the lights, only to realize that she had wandered through every square inch of the apartment leaving a trail of birdseed everywhere she went. The only way to pick it up was with a vacuum. Later that morning we rented a carpet cleaner.

    BTW, thanks for the heads-up on the jinx-you-owe-me-a-soda. I did not relate at the time, but now I do.

  2. /ei

    1. How was your goal of 37 books set? I’m guessing it has to do with your age which really is the wrong factor. I’d base it on my children’s ages…the youngest’s age, and factor in a handicap for the number of exceptionalities you are dealing with. I give myself an extra handicap for my ex-husband ;). Now look at that…I’ll bet you would be three our four ahead of goal at least.

    2. As someone who has moved from Colorado to the midwest…ten years later I can tell you *I* can barely keep my wits about me still. So if you do, I’ll be totally jealous.

    My extra hour was spent without any flair folding laundry. Pleh.
    Peace out.

  3. I can’t decide which was the hour-of-indolence, the extra episode of Dr Who (season 4) we all watched while curled up in comforters on our big bed, or the hour we adults spent walking behind small children, as they pedalled their way down the flattest streets in the neighbourhood, swerving to crunch through leaves, and late afternoon puddles of sunshine.

    Either way, it was a good time! 🙂

  4. trish

    If you ever need to borrow a carpet steamer, let me know. After my cat had thrown up on AND killed small rodents on my living room carpet, I figured it was an essential investment. 🙂

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