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To call this a post
To call this a post

To call this a post

I refuse to fall out of NaBloPoMo on day three. No way, no how. So even though it’s 10:30 on a Saturday night, I’m cranking something out. More than a placeholder, far less than a thought-out post. So…three things.

1. Steve the Three Pack A Day Smoker Virus has taken up residence in my lungs. For someone who has never had a single cigarette, my hack and oh-so-sultry voice is just lovely.

2. Planning the Thanksgiving menu is bringing me great joy. For someone who isn’t a great fan of cooking, I sure make up for it with one meal. With that in mind, I’m open to hearing your favorite dishes…and recipes.

3. The boys are a never-ending source of blog fodder. They had a long and involved discussion this afternoon about something…but I was too busy coughing up a lung to write it down and now I can’t remember.

4. I lied. Four things. Set your clocks back, um, right now. Before you forget. And then enjoy your extra hour of blessed sleep.


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