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The hardest part of the day is when my brain slowly comes back online in the morning. It’s a slow and laborious process, hindered by the fact that during the boot up process I have to get a kid up and out the door to school and that I’ve had to give up coffee again because I’m pretty sure I screwed up my system to the point of being allergic to that blessed bean of the morning. This is not a pleasant turn of events. Coffee makes the awake happen, and while tea is a passable substitute, it doesn’t quite have the visceral kick. On the bright side, now I’m not going through half my day with a raging stomach ache and/or wondering if I’m having a heart attack. So tea it is.

It’s usually 9:30 or so before I’m fully functional. This makes early morning flute lessons a special challenge (I teach at a local high school one morning a week). Again on the bright side, teenagers are barely functional that time of day themselves, so it’s the walking wounded in that practice room for awhile.

But sometimes my brain switches on a little faster and suddenly I find myself thumbing reminders and things to do into my to-do app. One after another after another. “Oh, I can do this today and this one too and I’m sure this one can get done if I sneak it in and let’s not forget this.”

Please file this under I am a raging lunatic.

Today is/was such a day. We were up at the crack of crazy to watch the Orion launch. (Fun fact: at T minus six seconds to launch our streaming crapped out on us. Actually, not a lot of fun in that Fun Fact.) But that jolted my brain into semi-coherence a little faster than usual, and suddenly I found myself with iPhone in hand, rapidly adding plans to my day. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I got about six things done and hit the wall. Okay, lunchtime! Yeah, that didn’t work. Okay, do this one thing. Nope, not that either. So now it’s mid-afternoon and my TODAY I WILL CARPE THE HELL OUTTA THAT DIEM! attitude of this morning is flopping around like a sad deflated balloon.

I think I prefer my brain stuttering through the morning.

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  1. Go get ’em, Jen!

    And let me know how that works out for you 😉

  2. So what does it mean if I was sitting here piling on my Monday morning to-do list and then I read this? Is it a sign? Do I scrap it now? 🙂

    • Jen Jen

      Um. Cut it by 10%? 😉 I have no good answer for you. LOL!

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