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Two things….
Two things….

Two things….

I was browsing through my wordpress dashboard and got to comments. It appears that there are quite a few comments that I haven’t received in my inbox. I generally reply to comments through email and usually reply to all comments. So if you haven’t gotten a reply from me in the last few days, I apologize, I never got the comment. Bleh.

It seems that I’m working under two different blog names out there in the blogosphere. Both Laughing at Chaos and Never a Dull Moment. I couldn’t get Never a Dull Moment with blogger or wordpress so went with the address laughingatchaos because that’s what I was using as my blog email address. So…should I change the name of my blog for consistency’s sake? Or should I just get a grip and worry about something important? : )


  1. Evi

    1. Oops … mine haven’t been spammed yet so I’m normally pretty good about catching ’em. I love when people respond through email. 😉

    2. Uhm … either way I’ll follow ya. I’m about to buy http://www.evancalous.com I think so you may have to follow me soon, too!

    BTW – HAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPY first day of spring!

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