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Well, change of plans
Well, change of plans

Well, change of plans

Huh. I was going to do a Thursday Thirteen, but apparently it has closed up shop. Disappointing. I didn’t do it very often, but I enjoyed doing it. So, instead, today I’ll just meander through, without benefit of a list or anything.

Yesterday we were down to 5 pullups in the house for J. Dangerously low, like having the gas tank under 1/4 tank. But a new Costco was opening (yesterday), so I held out. I do not recommend going to the opening day of a new Costco. Holy Hell on a rice cracker, offered by a nice retiree behind a hot plate. I think everyone in a 10 mile radius waited for this opening instead of driving to the next closest one. A 25 minute errand turned into an hour and a half excursion. The place was packed. And the entire warehouse was laid out differently from the one I’d been going to for 9 years. Music geeks will get this: total retrograde inversion. But, and I’m getting a little teary-eyed here, the best part is that there is a liquor store at the Costco a mile from my humble little abode. Now, because of the stupid (and how many times a day do I tell A not to use that word!) blue laws in Colorado, the store has to have a separate entrance so it can be locked up tight on Sunday, but I don’t care. You may think I’m making too much of this, but if I can make one stop for pullups (and a crapload more) AND keep the kids strapped into the cart to buy wine/Fat Tire/fixins for margaritas, I’m one happy mommy. And the guys at the liquor store said I wasn’t the only mommy making that point yesterday. Oh, and I got carded. I almost kissed the guy. 🙂

One of the zillion things I got at Costco yesterday was some drain cleaner for our never-ending stopped drains (none of us have that much hair, I don’t get it). And it leaked coming home. And I didn’t notice. Until a little while later when I did notice the fracking bleach stains on my favorite “I’m a stay at home mom working her ass off” outfit. This is why I have so few nice clothes, and why a full coverall (similar to what auto body repairmen wear) sounds so appealing.

So excited. Starbucks sent me an email to “make” my favorite drink with artwork. And here’s what I came up with:

Whoever came up with the Sugar-free Cinnamon Dolce syrup deserves a medal. Pretty damned good as an iced drink too. Methinks I need to recharge my Starbucks gift card. Make your drink here.

Likewise, whoever at Little Ceasars who came up with the concept of a “Hot and Ready” pizza should be on stage for appreciation awards with the Starbucks dude. I had to teach a late flute lesson yesterday at my student’s house, had to take the boys with me, and as we left at 5:30 realized that, despite the ungodly sum spent at Costco, had nothing planned for dinner. So, for five bucks and a thirty second dash into the store, we had pizza for dinner. Life’s good.

Once upon a very long time ago (aka before marriage), I auditioned for the Army Fife and Drum Corps. Well, I attemped to audition. I got through the preliminary round, met with recruiters, got ready to go to D.C. for the full-blown audition. And then the brakes were slammed on. See, the Army (this was 12 years ago, no idea if this is still the case) was the only military branch to require a physical before the audition. So I had the soul-scarring pleasure of enduring a military physical. I do not recommend this. It was not fun. Anyhoo, because of a medical condition I had as a kid, I needed an override from the Surgeon General to pass the physical. Ok, think back 12 or so years. Drawing a blank? At the time there was no Surgeon General. Something about Jocelyn Elders and a comment she made about, well, I’m not writing it here ’cause Google would not be kind to me. So I never got the override. Where am I going with this you ask, with good reason? I.Hate.Beauracracy. I never got the override because I finally told them to all stuff it. And then I got married. But, really Jen, where the hell are you going with this? J needs speech therapy. He had an evaluation with Children’s Hospital last fall that determined that he needs services. Because he’s under 3, he can get services through the local school district. Ahh…see where I’m going with this now? Magic words: school district. A beauracracy almost as bad as the military. He’s had two additional evaluations (hey, no improvement, think maybe he needs services?), a separate meeting to take pictures of his eyes (speech, not vision, folks!), and is having yet another meeting today (after one yesterday) to set up services. I swear I’m losing my mind. The kid has made little improvement in speech in nearly a year. I feel the blood a’boilin’.

Our taxes are to the accountant. Can I get a “woot!”

I’ve held out on commenting on Britney and her very public descent into whatever hell she’s created for herself. I’ve never liked her, but dang, I feel sorry for her. This poor woman. She needs someone to grab her, actually tell her “no”, tell her it’s not all about her now but her sons, and get her help that she can’t check herself out of before she ends up dead.

Anna Nicole Smith needs to be buried before Saturday because the body is decomposing rapidly? Huh. I woulda figured with the amount of plastic there she’d be good for awhile. (Yeah, cheap shot, I know, but you were thinking it too).

And, finally (because the boys are awake and doing God knows what):

Who gots da power now, yo?

Some poor TV executive is going to lose his job over me. LOL Somehow, someone decided that we should become a Nielson family. Are you laughing yet? It’s sweeps week (starts today), I am an official Nielson recorder, and we watch almost no tv. It’s hilarious. We have 7, yes 7, back episodes of Battlestar Galactica to watch, the entire season of Heroes on Tivo (and will likely be deleted because I have better things to do than watch 12 straight hours of tv), and no time to watch either one. Poor tv people. Just have to laugh. So when your favorite show disappears, um, sorry. I’m tempted to set both tvs (yeah, we have two that we don’t watch) to PBS and just record that we watch those all day, every day. I have to keep a tv journal, a very detailed journal, and I got a whopping $30 bucks (in cash! who sends cash in the mail?) for my trouble. I’m lovin’ this. Da power, I’m drunk on da power!

And now, the boys are up and God only knows what they are doing. So I leave you today with two comics that came through my email this week. They pretty much describe like in this house. Enjoy and have a great day.

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