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What are YOU doing for the least amongst us?
What are YOU doing for the least amongst us?

What are YOU doing for the least amongst us?

My friend Jennie, who can be found at The Soapdish, wrote recently of her husband’s trip to Kenya to assist at an orphanage. Many of these kids are AIDS orphans, left with nothing in a country that has little. Her pride as she wrote of her husband’s trip was palpable.

On Saturday, just days after her husband’s safe return, she posted of an attack on the orphanage that occurred right after he left. (Please click through to read) The horror of the attack on those young, innocent children is beyond words.

So I will leave you with this. On this World AIDS Day, in this holiday season, just days after we in the States gave thanks for all the blessings we have in our life…What are YOU doing for the least amongst us?


  1. corrie

    I admire people who leave our country and to things for the least among us. I used to feel guilty that I personally didn’t do this; however, I’ve discovered that my part is in encouraging those who have gone with email, care packages and a place at our house when they come home from these trips. Oh, and my husband sends money to a lot of people throughout the world ministering to others.

  2. There’s an organization that my husband is involved with called Global Alliance for Africa. If anyone is looking to do anything charitable in Africa, this is the place to go. They provide start-up capital for people to start micro-businesses. Like for instance, buy a chicken to produce eggs to sell at market. The point is not to give people hand-outs, but to set them up with something that can sustain them. The number of orphans in Africa is astounding due to AIDS, and Global Alliance for Africa is one organization that’s doing its part to help. It’s hard to be in this part of the world and feel connected to Africa, and it’s also amazing how much people can do with even a little bit of resource.

    Love your post. And thanks for bringing it up!

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