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Yeah, yeah, April Fools
Yeah, yeah, April Fools

Yeah, yeah, April Fools

Time yet again for Jen’s Rant Against April Fools Day. It’s a terrible “holiday,” one that only serves to irritate me. Of course, the boys are now of an age that they think it is SOCIETY’S GIFT TO YOUNG BOYS, and I can’t say I blame them. Chances are damned good that I’m going to be the victim of some sort of prank, and God please give me the strength to not bean them.

Yes, I am anti-prank. Oh? Why? Why you ask? Happy to oblige. Twelve years ago (can’t believe it’s been that long…) I was the inadvertent victim of a wicked evil prank. I’m still bitter. And grumpy. And get the shakes when I’m confronted with a Master lock.

And, yes, I do realize I’ve reposted that post every year for the last five. Besides the fact that it’s an easy way to slap something up, things ramped up a notch here at the House of Chaos. This morning we have a second showing of our house; someone is returning to appreciate and hopefully buy it. And please SweetbabyJesusandallhislittleplaygrouppals I hope they do. Tom has been gone a month, and even though we scored cheap tickets to Chicago for next weekend, I miss him terribly. And I’m sick of the single mom shit. (Single moms, I raise a glass to you. Every night. And a coffee cup/soda can during the day). And frankly, I’d like to leave my house a mess for a few hours.

So with all that in mind, kindly don’t pull a prank on me today. Don’t mess with the sugar for my coffee, don’t screw with the tv, and for God’s sake, don’t NOT buy my house.


  1. I just read the old AF post. O. M. G. I’m hardly what one would consider Type A, but that would have sent me through the friggin’ roof!

    Sending lots of “make an offer on the house” vibes your way.

    P.S. I *hate* AF day too. Not for any good reason, but I’m not the big practical joker type

  2. We have a rule in our house – it’s simple. If it would hurt someone or their feelings, it’s not allowed. At all. I hope I can continue to tow the line on this as they get older and need crazier pranks to think things are funny.

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