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Yo! Jen…whar ya been?
Yo! Jen…whar ya been?

Yo! Jen…whar ya been?

Well, rather than bore you with the minutiae of the last several days, let me sum up:

Friday I played a drinking game with a classroom of 1st graders.*
Saturday I saw Jesus Christ knuckle spelunking and having a booger buffet.**
Sunday I played a recital and in front of God and the whole world redefined “puke-poor performance.***

I am now into winter break. A is out of school until January 3rd, J isn’t out until next week. If I am a strong woman, a good mom, I won’t allow my sons to play on the computer until their eyes bleed, but I am only a moderately strong woman, and only a decent mom, so they’ll probably play on the computer until their eyes go bloodshot, shortly before an eyeball begins to spurt. Charming image, I’m sure.

My plan is to update my blogroll and play with my template over winter break, but we all know about best laid plans. I appear to have “offspring-induced ADD” and am unable to concentrate on anything of importance for more than two minutes before my attention is ripped away to something more pressing, like an eyeball on the verge of spurting. So I will attempt to play with the site; we’ll see how it goes. I can’t figure out how to save my widgets so they don’t all disappear into the ether as I change templates, so until I figure that out I’m stuck (help please?). I’d also like to know how to put audio clips on the site. So if you share those lil’ pieces o’ information, I’ll…uh…send you e-flowers or something. 🙂

Uh-oh…my spidey sense is tingling…methinks A’s eyeballs are getting past the bloodshot stage…

*Ok, not really a drinking game, but it was. We played “pass the book” (not pass the buck, this isn’t politics). All the kids had a wrapped book in front of them, I read a book to them, and every time the word “snowman” came up, they had to pass their book to the person on the right. They also learned the meaning of the word “psych!” as “snowball” came up several times, and they had to pass back. Now, tell me this ain’t a drinking game in disguise!

**No joke. I was sitting at a stoplight, talking to Tom, and saw JC in the car behind me. I had barely gotten past the thought of, “hey, he looks like the Big Dude” before he had, uh, “lunch.” I think I may have thrown up a little in my mouth.

***I can’t remember the last time I played so poorly. Freshman year of high school maybe. Holy Hannah, it was ugly. Tom said no one noticed, but damn, I did. If you’re only as good as your last performance, I suck. I have less than a month to get over my enormous suckatude (wow, let’s see how many hits I get from that phrase!), because I’m playing in the Colorado Mahlerfest (yay!!!!) and the music is exposed enough that I can’t have suckage on my mind.

Now, really, gotta save A from himself…and the Dark Side of the Force (yes, Star Wars Lego). I’m so tired of a six year old telling me about Star Wars, and it’s only the beginning, I know!

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