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You say PEE-can, I say pe-CAN
You say PEE-can, I say pe-CAN

You say PEE-can, I say pe-CAN

I’ve been making the pecan pie for Thanksgiving dinner since I was about 12. I used to actually crack the nuts by hand and then make the pie. I’ve since gotten over that and pre-shelled is fine, thankyouverymuch. So you’d think I’d have the hang of making one by now.

You’d be wrong.

p1020744On the left, you see my lovely coconut pumpkin pie, with a gingersnap crust (note: never, ever try to find a gluten-free crust the day before Thanksgiving. You will fail. And then you will have to pray to the pie-making gods that a cookie crust saves the day).

And, there on the right, is the “Holy God, what is that THING!?!?!?!?!” pecan pie of 2008. With chocolate cookie crust. Yes, it did overflow, thanks for asking. What I was most thankful for yesterday was that I had the foresight to put the pie plate on a baking sheet and thus, am not scrubbing out my oven today.

We didn’t bother trying to slice it, we just scooped out the goo. Tasty, tasty goo. The pie plate is still soaking.

Now, please excuse me, a secondary tryptophan coma is hitting. Yawn…


  1. It is so gratifying to see that there are other mistakes on this, the Olympics of Cooking Day. I opened my microwave last night to find the melted butter (now congealed) that I forgot to put in my Ooey Gooey Pumpkin Cake (by Paula Dean – spectacular!). No wonder there was no ooo or goo….I like the way you made the BIG SAVE by scooping out the filling! Yummmmmm.

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