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Funny how time flies
Funny how time flies

Funny how time flies

Today and tomorrow and NaBloPoMo will be over. I’m actually quite surprised I got this far. Granted, I have to finish this post and get something up tomorrow, but really, I’m surprised I managed to do a post a day. Especially this time of year; the holidays are crazy enough without me adding one last thing. Yet, I did it. I’m surprised how fast the month went and how painless this was. Mostly. I still have several post ideas listed on the board above my desk, so at least I’ll have more to write about in the coming days.

Hm. Been awhile since I set and achieved a goal. Kinda like it. Think I’ll do more of it.

Yet I wanted to write a thought-provoking post today and time got away from me. I had errands to run and the house to clean and just things to do today. Holidays and having company throw me off my game, and that’s ok. (Oh, bless my hubby, he’s vacuuming for me…can’t scare off the sitter; we’re going to a Thanksmas party tonight).

So I’ll leave you with the knowledge that it snowed here in Colorado today. Cold enough to not melt quickly and warm enough that snowmen sprouted from the hands of excited children, outside in the snow for the first time this season. The first snow of the year always makes me happy, I don’t know why. The other gazillion snows of the season tick me off, so I enjoy the first one and try to keep that fresh optimism through all the others. Snow simply covers the land in fresh possibility…and covers the “Rosie Bucks” out in the yard as well. Ah, snow.


  1. this has been an interesting month. I was not sure what kind of tripe I might throw up on my site each day when we started out, but it turned into a really good writing workout. I got to exercise my brain everyday, both in the thinking and the writing departments. Often the two are unrelated in my world. Not as much as speaking and thinking are often unrelated, but still. It can be dangerous. I, too, have a few topics left over on the smudged pink sticky note stuck to my laptop. I think I might jot down ideas there (maybe time for a fresh sticky, though) and leave it there to serve as inspiration when I need it. I have enjoyed knowing that several of my favorite bloggers would have something to read each day. I think I will be disappointed if we all go back to slacking and posting when we feel like it.

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