Jan 21 2007

Oh drat.

I changed my commenting program to Haloscan and promptly lost all my comments. In keeping with trying not to wig out about small things, this craptacular occurrence has been deemed a “small thing” and I’m not going to fret any longer. So if you commented on anything, ever, thank you.

Keri commented about the red-hot conservatism of Colorado Springs. I’m up near Boulder, which is about as polar-opposite as possible. So I’m a leftie, living near Boulder, visiting uber-conservative Colorado Springs. Glad to be back home.

If I haven’t thanked you for the kind comments about the “concert” post, thank you. I’ve been hearing good things from people about it. Makes me feel good. 🙂

And now, I’m going to go rail at the skies again. It’s snowing. Again. Not the dusting predicted, but 6+ bleeping inches. This is not a “small thing”. This sucks. My mom has a flight back to Chicago this afternoon (HA!) and I need to shovel the driveway as Tom threw his back out this weekend and walking is a challenge.

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