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I could do Wordless Wednesday, but I like words
I could do Wordless Wednesday, but I like words

I could do Wordless Wednesday, but I like words

Pictures still elude me, but words I can do.

This is turning my stomach something fierce this week:



Child, if those goddamned teeth don’t fall out soon, I’m pulling them while you sleep. Help them along, for crying out loud! They’ve been hanging by a thread for weeks!

This raises my blood pressure:

dsc04710What’s that, you ask? That’s my wireless setup, after I had to move everything around as I worked with Earthlink’s tech support because I have the world’s worst modem. (Uh…Earthlink? In case you haven’t noticed, unemployment is through the roof here in the States. Think you could move tech support back here from Mumbai? ‘Cause “Steve,” “Mark,” and “Rachel” aren’t terribly easy to understand, and I grew up with that accent. M’kay? Great, thanks.)  My internet intermittently goes out every single day, for no reason, for various lengths of time. After calling back and talking to “Maria,” I finally convinced them that the modem is an ancient POS (it’s at least 4 years old…a dinosaur in computer time) and please, for the love of all things holy, send me a new one before I set my hair on fire. As they didn’t want me going all crazy on them, I’m getting a new modem and it should be here in 5-7 days. And then I get to reassemble all those wires back behind the bookcase that is attached to the wall.

One last thing…it’s causing me to walk around with a glass of wine in one hand and a paper bag in the other…I find out about J’s kindergarten by Friday, very likely tomorrow. There were 140 registered, 80 requested full day…for a class of 24. So unless my luck changes and the planets align and the Cubs win the pennant and hell freezes over…it’s very likely he’ll be in afternoon kindergarten and I’ll have to find something for him in the morning. And he’ll still probably be bored: this is a kid who read the words “difficult,” “popular,” and “ocean” tonight. Slightly more difficult than the high-frequency words he’ll learn in K. And I haven’t taught any of those words to him, he’s teaching himself.

Oh, and eventually I’ll get back to writing something amusing and non-angst-y. Promise.


  1. Oh man, those wires make my stomach churn too. It was just last week that my internet was still going crazy and I had a 10-meter network cable running through the middle of my floor!

    Keeping everything crossed that the kg gods are good to you.

    PS They’re talking about mainstreaming Maya a few days a week RIGHT NOW (if they can find a place) and then putting her into REGULAR kindergarten for next year!!!!!!!! happyscaredexcitedohmyeffinggod

  2. shudder on the teeth. I hated that. Of course, we’re almost completely past the whole losing teeth thing, and that’s sad. 🙁

    And “Maria” cracks me up. I remember getting a call from a “Maria Hernandez” with the most stereotypical accent ever and just busting a gut laughing. I actually said “Like hell your name is Maria Hernandez!”

    good luck on the kinder!

  3. RC

    I may have to come pull the teeth, because they are driving me nuts from here! (It isn’t going to be pretty when that process begins – I’m still dealing with the darn things coming in!)

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