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Cool new trick for Google Reader
Cool new trick for Google Reader

Cool new trick for Google Reader

I have to attribute this to Stimey, who posted it on Twitter last week, attributing it to someone else and that’s as far as I’m going because frankly, I’m already lost.

Do you use Google Reader? Yes? Good. Overwhelmed by the sheer number of UNREAD you have there? You too!? We should get together for wine!

Sorry, I digress.

Here’s a neat little trick for catching blogs without reading them solely in a reader. Go to your Google Reader page. Upper right hand corner…see “settings?” Click on that happy little button. Ok, now, see in the orangey area there’s a link to “goodies?” Click on that. Catch “Put Reader in a Bookmark.” Drag that “next” button to your bookmarks toolbar. And…voila! Whenever you click on the “next” button in your bookmarks toolbar, you are automatically directed to the next unread blog in your reader. Slick, no? You don’t have all the UNREAD (you really must say that in a Darth Vader-like voice) posts staring at you, and you get to see all the cool blog designs out there. I’m finding I’m commenting more, because I have to comment before I can hit “next” again. I used to click on posts in my reader, intending to comment, and they’d stay there for days before I’d actually comment. Yes, I apparently collect tabs. Sigh…no wonder my computer hates me and runs so slowly.

Yay! New trick! And while I have your attention, again, please change all Never a Dull Moment info to Laughing at Chaos info.

AND! While I have you here…I’m not going to do a traditional blogroll down the sidebar. Instead, I’m creating a page of “peeps” (see above there? Where it says {Reading List}? It’s going in there). If you’re interested in being a Chaos Peep, let me know. But here’s the catch: I want a short description of you/your blog. Humor is good, too. I can rework it if you like, but I want a description to go with your name and link. 🙂

Enough. If you hadn’t heard, Denver is about to get hit with 8-14 inches of snow over the next 48 hours, starting tonight. I preparations to make…milk (check), gas in car (check), wine in house (check). We’re good! Let it snow!


  1. Joshua McGee

    Hi. I’d like to be a Chaos Peep, mostly because it sounds so frakking rad. If people ask me why I spend so much time online, I’ll tell them I’m busy being a Chaos Peep. If they ask what that is, I’ll explain that I put Easter marshmallow treats in the microwave and cook them for random time (try it, it’s fun).

    I’m basically a withdrawn antisocial atheist jerk, which probably isn’t motivation for many people to read my blog, but I make up for it by reading it over and over myself.

    (We’ve talked on Twitter — I’m clanmackay)

  2. Nice tip! 🙂 thanks!

    I changed you over on my blogroll….but why do youhave to make a sick woman work to get on your blogroll! 😉 LOL!

    Add me….please to your peeps.

    Let’s see what I can come up with to be funny…..(my meds should help with this part!)

  3. Theresa

    *sigh* Changed you on feed reader but forgot blogroll change. Big duh.

    Um, if you add me, you could say something along the lines of one husband, four kids, one big red dog, one very small house and one bathroom…God help me. LOL

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