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Yes, I AM the technological Angel of Death
Yes, I AM the technological Angel of Death

Yes, I AM the technological Angel of Death

(Here is irony. I finished this and tried posting it only to find that my internet was down. I tried fixing it not one, not two, but three times before saying screw it and going to bed. And because I refuse to allow my posting rally be held hostage by yet another technological SNAFU, I’m post-dating this sucker)

I wish I was kidding. In the last month, my laptop died, my iPod locked up, and the DVR in the basement shorted out the house phone line. The upstairs DVR is making disconcerting grinding noises. Lampposts pop off as I drive by. Let’s look at it as my electric personality knocking everything offline.

Still trying to set up Windows 7. Only took four hours to set up Outlook today. I suppose I could look at this as learning perseverance and patience, but screw it, I’m sick of it. I still have to import all my bookmarks…One.By.One. I’ve looked, there’s no way to import the whole freaking lot of ’em. So it’s “go to site, click bookmark.” Crap. iTunes is all frakked up and I get to create all new playlists; at least the music transferred.

NOT how I wanted to spend the last few days before Christmas. No cards have been sent, no cookies have been made. Bailey’s Irish Cream Fudge has been prepared and is cooling in the fridge, so we have that if nothing else.

Tomorrow the boys and I are meeting some friends at the local shopping mall so they can run around in the free play area. Us and the other eleventy billion SAHMs with that same idea. And it’s snowing. Sigh…


  1. RC - Rambling Along...

    I’ve been there. Don’t you recall my year of dead PDAs, laptop’s hard drive biting the big one, washer breaking, etc…

    Also, light posts always turn off for me, too.

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