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Dear sweet J,

Please, dear child, how did you get to be seven so quickly? I’m sure your brother didn’t hit this age this quickly, and he does everything quickly! How? You were only a wee babe just yesterday. And then I blinked and instead of a snuggly baby who smiles at his mommy, I have a snuggly little boy who does the same.

You really are the same child, J. You haven’t changed a bit since the day you were born. You are sweet and funny and tolerant of the chaos around you. You are ALL BOY, but wrapped in whipped cream, softened by…something. You’re rough and tumble but still gentle and loving. You’ll be a wonderful husband and daddy someday. I’m so glad to see you finally learning to stick up for yourself and fight back against your brother. I know he has a strong personality, J. You’re the chocolate to his peanut butter and you make a great team. I’m just really relieved to see you pushing back. I see so much of myself in you, my darling boy. I had to do the same pushing against my own brother and his strong personality, and you’re doing a much better job at age seven than I ever did.

I know you’re excited to move to Chicago so you can be closer to grandparents and your new cousin and all the exciting things the city has to offer. Oh, and the cheese in Wisconsin. Let’s never forget your love of cheese; I blame the pounds of queso I ate while pregnant with you. And while I’m excited with you, I’m also sad to be moving you from the only home you’ve ever known. We brought you to this house when you were just days old; it’s all you know. I hope you have wonderful memories of your years here, and are ready to make new ones with us in a new house.

Happy birthday my sweet son. You bring such joy to my life and I love you so very much.

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  1. Sarah Sarah

    A very happy birthday to J!!

  2. Happy Birthday to J. The cheese part made me smile, I’ve got a cheese-loving eight year old at my house! 🙂

  3. Benoit Benoit

    What a beautiful piece of love !
    Happy birthday to J.
    I’m touched !

  4. AWww! Happy Birthday J 🙂 I will have to have some WI cheese for you today!

  5. My 7yo is also somewhat obsessed with cheese these days. School poetry that came home at the end of the year was all about cheese. Hmmm, did I eat it often while pregnant?

  6. Amy Amy

    Aww! Happy Birthday to J! He’s almost right in between my boys. Hope they get along well!

  7. Happy Birthday from Melbourne, Australia, J!

    Jen, what a beautiful Birthday greeeting message you have written for him!

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