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Tuesday tidbits
Tuesday tidbits

Tuesday tidbits

Someday, oh that elusive someday, I will no longer feel like I’m living in the center of a vortex. Amusing, that; my college roommate and I called our dorm room The Vortex. Perhaps I’m just doomed to be vortex-ridden for all eternity. Someone throw me a rope, I want out.

We close on our Colorado house on Monday; no idea when on the Illinois house. Just a wee bit stressful, not knowing how long you will be sans home. Can’t make any plans until we have that close date. We just know that Monday afternoon we will be heading east. As someone who was raised to plan six to nine months in advance, not knowing what I’m doing in six to nine days is taking a toll. Sadly, I’ll have to break in a new hairdresser on the other side of this, just to cover up all the grays this damned move is blessing upon my head.

I’ll have to find aforementioned hairdresser almost as soon as we hit town. My 20th high school reunion is the first weekend of August, mere days after we move in. So, you know, I’ll be shaking with the stress of the previous weeks, be 45 pounds heavier than 20 years ago, still be living out of boxes, but there’s an open bar and thanks a lot Murphy; your little Law is pissing on my lawn again.

After a great deal of insomniacal thought, I’m starting to think that technology is doing nothing more than making me super efficient at accomplishing precisely nothing of consequence. And those were thoughts I had before I got on Google+. Haven’t done anything with it, but I’m there. And before I started a Tumblr for the lil’ tidbits that tumble out of my brain on a regular basis. Haven’t done much with that either. My thought was to do strong writing here and more fluff there. Sooo…if you know how to connect the two, that’d be awesomesauce. I’d totally pay you with cardboard boxes! And then I’ll be even more efficient at accomplishing precisely nothing of consequence! I am just zombie chow waiting for the apocalypse I tell ya.

For the record, I do not recommend weaning yourself off an antidepressant during the most stressful time of your life. I’m sure a few of you fell off your chairs in shock. “Jen! You should be popping those things like breath mints right now!” And you’d be right. But it’s done…and I’m almost over the dizzy spells from hell. Seriously, tumbling into walls. It’s so much fun being me. I know you’re jealous.

There are still six weeks until school starts. This announcement brought to you by the letters C, R, A, and P.

We now return to the regularly scheduled packing, already in progress.


  1. Oh, sista girl! I’m sorry for all the stress. Hey, when you finally close and get into the new place, I’ll be happy to come by and help you unpack some of those cardboard boxes. 🙂 AND, I have an awesome hairdresser for you when the time comes.;-)

  2. Ben

    Jen: Good luck with the move….which high school did you graduate from — and why would you want to go to a 20th reunion? Actually, I love reunions. Really important — do not take the meds as you might take Altoids — no, no! Not good. “Das ist nicht gut,” sagt Herr Freud.

    I want you to come visit Quest Academy when you are here — we can help with reducing stress associated with raising gifted kids.

    Oh, I think of planning six days in advance as just about the right time frame for all decisions…exceptions are moving, schooling, and traveling.

  3. Yeah Jen! On your way back to Chi-town. You will have to let me know where you will land and perhaps when things settle down. (HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHA!) Or at least get to manageable – we can meet for a nice glass of wine 🙂

    Good luck with those dizzy spells – they can be a real b—h.

    1. Jen

      Just a wee bit of chaos. Actually pretty typical, if I really think about it. LOL! And I’m so far behind on blog reading; I need to get over to you and catch up! Oh, and try to win a WI weekend…God knows Tom and I could a few days away! 😉

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