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Thank God It’s Election Day.


I can plug my phone back in, unmute the telly, and quit building bonfires with the political fliers that come in the mail. I’m out of marshmallows and didn’t want to go get more. It’s hell being an unaffiliated voter; both sides drive you batshit crazy. Yes, unaffiliated, even though I lean so far left I limp. Have lifts in my shoes so you can’t tell though.

It’s Election Day! Hooray!

Today is a first for me. I will vote in grubby workout clothes, as my voting place is at the rec center. I will make my mark then waddle on up to the track/weight room, where I will celebrate my freedom. Freedom to vote, freedom to walk around without a male escort, freedom to freak the hell out of every person in the room with my choice of workout clothes. Freedom takes many forms, my friends.

I’m looking forward to sitting down tonight and watching the results come in. I’ve watched election night results for as long as I can remember, since high school, if not before. Politics fascinates me. It also horrifies me, stuns me, amuses me, and embarrasses me. Better than any scripted “reality” show. The VP debate in 2008 (Biden/Palen) will go down in my own personal history, as I don’t remember much of it. I was on my scrapbooking retreat with my girlfriends then and we played a little drinking game while watching it. Learn from me, my children: never play a debate drinking game on a “I only had a taco salad for dinner” stomach. Ever. Nothing nearly as exciting happened this go-round.

So, I’ll say it as I do nearly every election cycle. Go vote. If you don’t bother to vote, STFU. If you are privileged enough to live in a country where you have the right to vote, you’d better take advantage of it. Too many people gave their lives for you to have that right. Too many people in other countries are still giving their lives to have that right. Yes, it’s like your mom telling you to eat your Brussels sprouts because kids in <insert third world country here> are starving. Oh, and do it because it’s the right thing to do. Shut up and vote. You don’t have to vote like me, or your spouse, or your neighbor. Just.Vote.

And then take those last few political fliers and make the season’s final s’more. Gooey political goodness…mmm…


  1. Benoit

    I vote for you !

    I’voted in june…and we still have no governement ! Nationalism is rising in the north. In some place, you can’t buy a house if you don’t speak their language. Restaurants are told to erase all French from the menus. It’s language-based racism…Belgium is not going to survive for much long. Brussels is a big part of the problem. If people could buy guns (hopefully they can’t), I’m not sure that they wouldn’t begin a civil war… 🙁

    And I do not like Brussels sprouts !

  2. Sarah

    Voted. Did my duty, so I will B&M to my hearts content!

    All those cards and fliers in the mail was a great way to teach the kids about recycling! And there have been so many they each can carry their body weight out to the bin on a daily basis.

  3. Hey! I’m registered independent (i.e. Unaffiliated), too! I limp in the same direction you do! Without the lift in my shoe, I’d have to change my name to Eileen. *ha*

    But for some reason the labels scare me almost as much as the politicians.

    I love how during the primaries we are reminded that it is a FELONY to vote as an Unaffiliated voter. Then, as soon as the sides are chosen, we get blasted for support from both sides.

    I voted early. I’m bummed that doing so didn’t stop the calls or the mail. Now, THAT’s an initiative I could support! 😉

  4. Trish

    Remember how GLUED we were to the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings? Ahhh, college memories!

    My brother was working in a newsroom in 2000 when the presidential race was teetering. He got sent home around 2/3 a.m. and after he left the paper, unwisely, made the decision to call it for … Gore. He woke up to a headline in the paper that did NOT match reality.

    1. Jen

      OMG I do remember! LOL! Some things never change.

      Oh, your poor brother! Can’t imagine what he went through. I was crawling out of my first trimester with A and not entirely functional. Sooo not happy to wake up the next morning to find it still up in the air. Bleh. God, I hope we never have to go through that again.

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