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The DNC in Denver, day one
The DNC in Denver, day one

The DNC in Denver, day one

And I still don’t have tickets to Obama’s speech on Thursday. Sigh…

We are thinking, however, of heading downtown tomorrow with the boys for a little hands-on civics lesson. Or not. I’m all for the education of my sons, but I really don’t much care for crowds, and as much as I love watching politics (it really is my reality tv), I’m not much for conflict.

And besides, we can’t be entirely sure that A won’t be dancing around singing, “Obama is my man, Obama is my man…” or that J won’t look up at Chris Matthews and declare, “McCain is a poopyhead.” I wish I were kidding, I really do. These are my sons. : )

In other news, my laptop decided to totally lose its shit last night and crash. Repeatedly. Let’s recap. I saw the black screen of death, the black screen of death with multiple blue vertical lines, the red screen of death with my screen saver bubbles superimposed upon it, and flat-out not responding. Of course it worked again this morning, but I dragged its sorry motherboard over to the Geek Squad, where it is currently in isolation for the next 2-3 days. Can’t have it imposing its bizarro views on other unsuspecting computers there. They’d better get that thing working, I need my baby. We have our disagreements (mainly I want it to work without me thinking about it, and it thinks it has free reign to screw with me), but I love my computer. 

And now I must go drag the boys from the school playground (note to self: get a damned gate already, ’cause the lifting J over the fence, and climbing over it my own self, is really getting old), shove food down their throats, scrub permanent marker from J’s legs (and pre-K starts tomorrow, thank God the teacher knows us!), and throw them into bed. In under two hours.

Because the speeches are on then. Must go chill the wine.

Give ’em hell, Michelle!


  1. From what I have seen about the demonstrations, etc. outside the convention site, I am not sure I would bring a child there with any intent to educate him about politics – it all looks like a political version of the Folsom Street Fair – a concerted effort to be weirder than the last batch of nuts you saw. If you want to teach the boys about politics, start small, like with the town council or something, and then move on to the state house. I wouldn’t bring them near downtown this week on a bet.

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