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‘Tis the week of Thanksgiving and all through the house

…all sorts of things are stirring and not a single one of them are on the stove. We managed to take a crazy time of year and Plus It with business travel and holiday travel and behind the scenes chaos and a sneaking suspicion that last week’s exhaustion crash was my thyroid begging for attention and not the usual desperate need for sleep because of the season’s lack of sunlight. There are no fewer than four half-written posts in my drafts folder, all of which I’ve written in the last few days, thinking that I’d actually get ahead of NaBloPoMo (silly, silly Jen), and a growing list of things I need to do before tomorrow.

So here, have a recipe. Vodka Cranberry Sauce, originally posted two years ago. It is strong, it is potent, if you make it today by the time dinner rolls around in 48 hours you’ll knock people on their tryptophan-laden asses. It is fantastic with leftovers, and could even be stirred into ginger ale or Prosecco for a little added kick. Just keep the kiddos away from it or you’ll have a “it wasn’t funny at the time” family story to be shared every year for eternity.

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  1. Oh this recipe might be just the thing I need to survive the rest of this week! Thank you 🙂

    • Jen Jen

      Seriously, it’s awesome, you need to make it.

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