where wildly different is perfectly normal
Why yes, he is blonde
Why yes, he is blonde

Why yes, he is blonde

This is an actual conversation I had on Sunday with A. This really happened, I have three adult witnesses.

A: “Mom? Can I have a piece of paper please? The printer is out and I need to copy more.”

Me: “HUH?”

A: “I need to copy a piece of paper to make more.”

Me: “You can’t do that, I’ll just give you a stack of paper.”

A: “I don’t need a stack of paper, just one. I’ll copy it and get more.”

{crickets chirping}

Me: “I give up. Any of you want to try to explain this to him?”

Husband, Mother in law, Father in law: “Huh-uh.”

And this child is gifted????


Whaddya think?

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