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Wild blue yonder

Anyone else remember the olden days of air travel? When it was fun and exciting? I do, vaguely. I remember taking flights from Chicago to Orlando for vacation, early morning flights. And since they were early flights, breakfast would be served. Your choice of pancakes with syrup or eggs and sausage. Nevermind that they were reconstituted powdered delights, you got to eat on the plane, on a little tray!

Air travel has long since lost that lustre. Instead of a fun and exciting experience, it’s now a case of “how many sardines can we stash in this airborne can?” Security is intense yet lax (our key fobs designed to punch through a windshield and cut a seatbelt got through…but we had to remove our shoes). Food is non-existent unless you’re willing to shell out big bucks for little portions. Comfort is minimal at best. Yet still we fly, because it is the fastest way to and fro.

We made it to Chicago late last night. Late was not intentional. The plan was to leave right after school for the 6:10 flight, get in at 9:30, boys in bed soon after, happyhappyjoyjoy.


The weather in Chicago last night was pretty bad. Thunderstorms, heavy rain, flights stacking up over O’Hare. Our flight was delayed twice and we were early to start with. Finally got on…and were hit with a ground delay because there were too many flights heading for O’Hare and they didn’t want to circle the airport. Instead of a 6:10 departure, it was more like 8:30. Instead of a 9:30 arrival, it was closer to 11:45.

Yet the boys were fantastic. We’ve traveled with them for so many years (usually by car) that they are wonderful travelers. Even in an airplane without screens at every seat they did great (digression: we almost always fly Frontier because they are based in Denver, we get great fares, and we love the airline. New planes, DirecTv available at every seat, comfortable. We didn’t use them yesterday because they don’t fly into O’Hare, which is a much closer airport to my parents’ house. I realized last night that I am spoiled by Frontier; I was claustrophobic on the plane because the ceiling was so low). In fact, they were so wonderful that the flight attendants couldn’t get over it, and gave them a giant cookie to share. We lucked out with them last night. And that great behavior has continued through today…I don’t get it, but I’ll take it!

I miss the old air travel; this new air travel isn’t exciting, it’s just annoying.


While I’m out playing this weekend, go enjoy my posts on Hopeful Parents and Rocky Mountain Moms Blog. No, really, go over and read ’em. Because I was so busy yesterday getting those ready (and volunteering in the classroom, and packing for four people, and getting Rosie to my friend’s house, and going to J’s speech meeting, and doing laundry, and paying bills, and everything else I needed to do before leaving), I didn’t pack any pants for the trip. I have exactly one pair of pants and I am wearing them. Thankfully everything goes with blue jeans. I have enough reading material for a six week cruise and one pair of pants. Leave me a pity comment. 😉

Have a great weekend.

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